Valuation Services

Our team has extensive experience and skills combined with qualifications in valuation, law, land economy, management and agency covering commercial retail and industrial premises on a nationwide basis.

Each Valuer has in excess of 30 years experience and a wealth of knowledge across all asset classes. We provide independent, well researched and reasoned expert valuations for:

  • accounting compliance to meet ASCI and AASB guidelines
  • acquisition and disposals
  • capital gains tax
  • stamp duty
  • compulsory acquisition and resumption
  • statutory land value objections
  • insurance
  • highest and best use
  • feasibilities
  • merger and acquisition due diligence
  • marketing and development strategies
  • litigation
  • rental assessments

Rental Advice, Reviews and Determinations

Our independent experts are well recognized within the profession and regularly receive appointments from the Australian Property Institute, the Law Society, the Real Estate Institute, the Administrative Disputes Tribunal, and jointly by the Lessor and Lessee to resolve property disputes.

Litigation and Expert Witness

Our Valuers have a depth of knowledge, experience and expertise which is frequently recognized in the form of Expert Witness appointments to the Supreme Court and Family Court to resolve property related disputes.

Facilitation and Mediation

As a moderator or facilitator, potentially lengthy disputes causing anguish and extensive costs can be more focused on the core issues and streamlined with expert knowledge to arrive at a commercial and logical conclusion.